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After Chemical Conditioner

After Chemical Conditioner

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Description: Lillian's Legacy After Chemical Conditioner helps restore nutrients lost during chemical processing and helps bring hair to a pH level that promotes and maintains Beautiful Healthy Hair.

Lillians Legacy After Chemical Conditioner restores color treated and relaxed hair by infusing moisture, argan oil and other essential nutrients back into the hair while the cuticle is open and then helps to close the cuticle to seal in those nutrients by bringing the hair back to a normal pH level. This conditioning complex penetrates into the hair shaft while the cuticles are open immediately after rinsing of relaxer or after color application.

Directions: Do not dilute. Apply a liberal amount of After Chemical Conditioner after rinsing the relaxer. Do not leave on hair for more than five minutes. Rinse well and towel blot dry. Follow up with Conditioning Neutralizer.

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