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Chelating Shampoo

Chelating Shampoo

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Description: Lillian's Legacy Chelating Shampoo uses the science of Chelation to safely and more effectively cleanse the hair while keeping hair at a pH level that promotes and maintains Beautiful Healthy Hair. This is the shampoo that makes shampooing easier and healthier.

Lillians Legacy Chelating Shampoo combines natural botanicals, chelating ingredients, and salicylic acid to exfoliate hair and scalp. Formulated with green tea, citric acid and other natural botanicalsLillians Legacy Chelating Shampoo is an excellent shampoo to use as a first lather to cleanse and remove toxins given off by medications, impurities like chlorine and styling build up from the scalp and hair. Lillians Legacy Chelating Shampoo rinses easily and helps promote healthy hair and a healthy scalp. 

Directions: Wet hair. Apply Chelating Shampoo, lather and cleanse the hair shaft. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat for heavy build-up and excessively oily hair.

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