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Conditioning Neutralizer

Conditioning Neutralizer

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Description: Lillian's Legacy Conditioning Neutralizer helps keep hair at a pH level that promotes and maintains Beautiful Healthy Hair

The rich properties in Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Chamomile work together to reverse scalp irritation and re-establish the moisture barrier of the scalp. The Shampoo's low pH aids in returning the hair and scalp to its natural pH thus assisting in closing cuticle layers and repairing the hair shaft.

Lillian's Legacy Conditioning Neutralizer ensures that calcium build-up from no-lye relaxers and hard tap water is gently removed from the hair. 

Directions: Rinse Relaxer completely from the hair. Condition with Lillian's Legacy After Chemical Conditioner. Apply Conditioning Neutralizer to the hair. Work gently into rich lather. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat as needed.

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