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Stimulating Detox Shampoo - 8oz

Stimulating Detox Shampoo - 8oz

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Description: Lillian's Legacy Stimulating Detox Shampoo is helping to alleviate and/or control flakes from dandruff, seborrhea, psoriasis, eczema and toxins given off from ingredients while helping to keep hair at a pH level that promotes and maintains Beautiful Healthy Hair.

Lillian's Legacy Stimulating Detox Shampoo is a cooling detox treatment designed to take aim at relieving scalp discomfort and flaking. It utilizes carbon technology derived from Activated Bamboo Charcoal to remove harmful toxin buildups on the hair shaft and scalp. Peppermint and Tea Tree combine with Blue Green Algae and Green Tea to create a refreshing spa experience while simultaneously healing, soothing and calming the scalp!

Directions: Section hair and apply liberally to scalp, gently massage scalp. Cover hair with a plastic cap and place client under a warm dryer for 5-10 minutes. Rinse hair thoroughly. Re-apply shampoo to wet hair, work into lather and massage hair and scalp. Rinse and repeat as necessary. 

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