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Leave-In Conditioner 8oz

Leave-In Conditioner 8oz

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Description: Because of its small molecular structure Lillian's Legacy Leave-In Conditioner conditions from the inside out without weighing the hair down.  It does all of this while keeping hair at a pH level that promotes and maintains Beautiful Healthy hair.

Lillians Legacy Leave-In Conditioner is designed to moisturize, detangle, soften, and add shine to your hair. This Leave-In Conditioner contains a complex mix of moisturizers that will give your hair instant moisture and softness. Lilllians Legacy Leave-In Conditioner will give life, body, and shine to dry, dull, and coarse hair.

Directions: Shampoo hair. Towel blot your hair. Spray lightly through out the entire head of damp hair. Use a wide tooth comb and comb through all tangles then proceed to blow dry.

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