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Protein Silk-Out Treatment

Protein Silk-Out Treatment

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Description: Lillian's Legacy Protein Silk-Out Treatment helps to achieve a silky satiny look without chemicals all while helping keep hair at a pH level that promotes and maintains Beautiful Healthy hair.

Lillian's Legacy Protein Silk-Out Treatment is a superior weightless moisturizing and reparative leave in conditioner. It is designed to eliminate dryness, brittleness and limpness. It's fast absorbing ability also smooths the cuticle layer and shields the hair from humidity, UV rays and heat styling. It adds body, shine and a velvety softness to the hair giving it a youthful look and feel.

Directions: After shampooing, the hair should be divided into 4 sections. Shake well, lift each section and spray 2 to 3 burst of LL Protein Silk-Out Treatment into each section. Blow dry and flat iron

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