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Smoothing Foam

Smoothing Foam

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Description: Lillian's Legacy Smoothing Foam helps provide a longer lasting silky look without harsh chemicals while helping to keep hair at a pH level that promotes and maintains Beautiful Healthy hair.

Lillian's Legacy Smoothing Foam supplies heat-infused amino acid and carbocysteine molecules into the cortex without compromising the integrity of the hair. Unruly hair is transformed into silky, beautiful and healthy hair WITHOUT BREAKING BONDS! The result is a stronger hair strand. Lillian's Legacy Smoothing Foam creates the dramatic effect of a "relaxed" look without the use of harsh chemicals. Hair can be worn smooth without frizz and reversion or curly with more manageability and definition.

-Amino acids block humidity, reduce frizz, and add shine

- Makes hair more manageable 

- Provides up to 30% curl elongation

- Last 20-24 shampoo services

- Repairs as it softens and defines curl pattern

- For all hair types, textures, ages, and ethnicities

- A chemical free option to a relaxer


Directions: Shampoo hair twice or more as needed with Lillians Legacy Chelating Shampoo. Towel blot hair and blow dry on warm setting (optional). Divide hair into quadrants. Apply Lillian's Legacy Smoothing Foam to every other 1/4 inch subsections. Allow products to infuse into the hair under a plastic cap (no heat) for 20 minutes. Blow dry hair completely. Flat iron using heat setting of 300-425 degrees depending on hair texture and condition. Style as desired



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